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The Eclipse System is an innovative non-surgical therapy that offers immediate results for women experiencing loss of bowel control.


8 of 10 women who were successfully fit with Eclipse and completed a recent clinical study reported treatment success during 1-month of use.1

no surgery required

The Eclipse System is fit and provided in your doctor’s office

easy to use

The vaginal insert is easy to place and easy to remove. You can insert and remove the Eclipse whenever and wherever you want.

Eclipse is the first vaginal insert designed to provide bowel control

The insert is placed in the same location as a tampon or a diaphragm, and can be inserted or removed at any time. A well-fit insert will be comfortable for almost all women. Women who were successfully fit with Eclipse in a 1-month study overwhelmingly reported comfort wearing the insert.

Designed to give you control

A detachable and discreet pump is used to inflate and deflate a balloon on the insert. The balloon is designed to control your rectum and prevent stool from passing when you’re not ready for it. When you’re ready to have a bowel movement, simply deflate the balloon. Once you have finished your bowel movement, inflate the balloon again and go on your way. This design allows you to actively control your bowels.

Uninflated Device

To allow bowel movements

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Inflated Device

To prevent stool leakage

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Try it first
Before committing to the Eclipse System, you will have the opportunity to use a Trial Insert at home for a week or so. Use this trial period to decide if the Insert fits well and whether Eclipse is right for you. If you and your doctor determine that your trial period is successful, you may begin using the Eclipse Insert, which is intended for long-term use. If your Trial Insert does not fit well, your doctor may try a different size. Some women may not achieve a successful fit with Eclipse, but your doctor will help to identify if there is a best size for you.

Individual comfort that women would recommend to their friends

96% of women reported that Eclipse was comfortable

98% of them would recommend it to a friend

In a clinical study, 96% of women who were successfully fit with an Eclipse reported that it was comfortable, or that they couldn’t even feel it, after completing a 1-month study. 98% of these women also reported that they would recommend Eclipse to a friend.1

  • 1 Richter HE, Matthews CA, Muir T, et al. A Vaginal Bowel-Control System for the Treatment of Fecal Incontinence. Obstetrics & Gynecology. 2015; 125(3):540-547.

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